Even Pocket-Sized Open Space Can Change a Life (or 5)

At the back of my neighborhood is an area that is comprised largely of Bailey Creek drainage. Technically a flood zone, though it has been so many years since we have seen measurable water in it, it seems hard to imagine now. Maybe this year though! The area I access is 10-15 acres of creek-bed and surrounding upland sagebrush and bitterbrush habitat. It contains meandering well-worn paths amongst the shrubs and occasional weeds (I was hysterical to see the invasive tall white top/perennial pepperweed weed there last spring and had to stop and dig on the spot, yes I’m obsessed!)

It is Nevada, the driest state, after all…

We had a pretty good winter in terms of snowpack, but it looks like there’s more drought in our future. That’s how you might sum up yesterday’s Coffee & Conservation presentation by Nevada State Climatologist Doug Boyle. Boyle shared some of the great resources available at the Nevada State Climate Office.

The Art of Conservation

The Reno Artist's Co-Op Gallery is hosting a benefit show for the Nevada Land Trust, The Art of Conservation. Please come meet the artists at our opening reception on Sunday, April 3, 1-4 pm and enjoy the amazing art along with some refreshments.

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