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Help Conserve Jobs Peak Forever

Nevada Land Trust is calling on all lovers of wildlife and the outdoors to join us in our final push to protect 360 acres along the Sierra Front range that are vital to the health and well-being of Mule deer and other species. Through Nevada Land Trust’s crowdfunding campaign, supporters of all backgrounds can help safeguard this critical Sierra Front wildlife corridor, known as Jobs Peak, forever. The finish line is in sight, we’re less than $80,000 from our $1.6 milion goal.

The "Other Flume Trail"

INCLINE VILLAGE Nev. (Monday, June 12, 2017) –The Tahoe Fund announced today that it has secured a $130,000 Recreation Trails Program grant to restore the Incline Flume Trail, also known as the “other flume trail.” To be eligible for the grant, the Tahoe Fund partnered with Friends of Incline Trails to provide funding for the environmental permitting to have the trail adopted by the Forest Service. The new designation as an official Forest Service trail was received in May, paving the way for this important grant that will help improve the trail, build a retaining wall in a particularly erosive area, and install interpretive and way-finding signage.

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