Remembering a Friend: LeRoy Pendleton

It is with great sorrow that the staff and board of trustees of Nevada Land Trust recognize the passing of our good friend and partner, LeRoy Pendleton. LeRoy passed away on May 13, 2014, at home and within view of his beloved Red Tail Acres, which he donated to Nevada Land Trust in 2006. It was LeRoy’s wish that the 11.66 acres of canyon land remain as open space forever, in honor of his late wife, Joyce, who persuaded him to purchase the land to protect it from development. NLT held the land until the City of Reno finalized its Open Space and Greenways plan in 2007, whereupon it was transferred to the City of Reno with LeRoy’s blessing. NLT continues to hold a conservation easement on the property, providing a further layer of protection in perpetuity. LeRoy was recognized by the City in 2007 for his vision and generosity as well as by our friends at Scenic Nevada. LeRoy will forever remain in our hearts.

Weed Season is Upon Us!

You’re hiking one of your favorite trails, picnicking at the park, or perhaps going for par with your disc golf putter when suddenly… Prick! Poke! Scratch! Ouch! You look down to see your socks covered in a menagerie of thorns and thistles rivaled only by that of your dog’s fur. What you and your dog have likely found is a noxious weed; or as I like to call them – obnoxious!

From the other side... (of Nevada)

My husband David and I live in the heart of the Great Basin on the easternmost edge of Nevada. We live on the morning side of the mountain in the foothills of the Snake Range, in a pinyon-juniper woodland, hemmed by sagebrush steppe.

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