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One Truckee River



Working together for a sustainable, clean, thriving river community
recognized in the hearts and minds of all for the treasure it truly is.

The One Truckee River Management Plan will manage, protect and provide stewardship for the Truckee River across all jurisdictional boundaries. Nevada Land Trust and Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful will act as lead agencies with the assistance and cooperation of a large Truckee River stakeholder group to fundraise and develop the plan.

It is anticipated that stakeholders will ask the local government agencies to formally adopt the plan to ensure a commitment is made to fund their participation in and implementation of the plan’s elements. Adoption would establish accountability and budget authority to ensure that annual mapping, treatment, monitoring and reporting efforts are completed.There currently is no overarching management plan for the river which includes quality of life; recreation; water quality; invasive species management; stewardship and protection; environmental education; social service elements; cultural resources; and restoration. NLT and KTMB will identify the stakeholder teams in conjunction with the National Park Service, Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance, conduct stakeholder interviews, develop a scope and shared vision for the project, develop bid documents and hire a contractor to write the plan and develop the priority action plans for years 1-5, years 5-10 and 10-25 years. The action plans will be developed for each area of interest by the stakeholder group.