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In December 1993, the Sprenger Trust donated 85 acres to Washoe County Parks Foundation, the original name of Nevada Land Trust.  The land is located approximately 16 miles northwest of Reno along the crest of the Granite Hills, immediately west of Red Rock Road.  The Sprenger property is quite steep and rugged with numerous granite outcroppings.  It incorporates one of the highest points in the Granite Hills, reaching an elevation of about 6,000 ft.  The Granite Hills are known to support local mule deer populations.  The property has significant aesthetic value and recreational potential for hikers, horseback riders and other users, and serves as a scenic backdrop to nature study areas at Silver Lake in Stead and White Lake in Cold Springs Valley.  Part of the history of the Sprenger property includes mineral exploration, and sealed mine sites are evident throughout the property. 

Project Stats

Conservation Values:
Wildlife habitat
Public Access:
85 acres