Conservation Easements  ::  Rusk Ranch, Washoe Valley
Where buildings are scarce, culture is rich, and Mother Nature is teeming with beauty. Between Reno and Carson there’s a special place that feels a bit like a breath of fresh air.

Thousands of Nevada residents and visitors drive between Reno and Carson City daily. Thanks to the Rusk family, a portion of that picturesque Washoe Valley drive will remain undeveloped in perpetuity through Nevada Land Trust’s acquisition of a conservation easement. The Rusk family has made the commitment to protect their land that borders both the Washoe County Wilson Commons Park and Highway 395 through a 45-acre conservation easement.
In addition to agriculture a variety of wildlife depend on the open spaces and lush habitat provided by the Rusk Ranch. Washoe Valley is important habitat for more than 215 bird species that depend on Washoe Valley’s wet meadow and grassland habitat that extend onto the Rusk Ranch.

The conservation easement acquisition funds were raised through grants from Nevada Division of State Lands Conservation and Resource Protection Grant Program, and the Farm and Ranchland Protection Program, so that the Rusk land will be maintained as productive ranchland and open space in perpetuity.