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Information for Landowners

Nevada Land Conservancy works cooperatively with landowners to conserve land. The decision to protect land requires careful consideration of the special features of your property, your land conservation goals, your financial situation, and your family’s needs and wishes.

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to do, but often the answers to these questions help us prepare alternatives for you and your family to consider:

  • What is it about the land that is important to you?
  • Do you wish to maintain ownership, or pass the land on to family members?
  • Would you like to continue living on the land with a reserved life estate, or are you considering leaving it to Nevada Land Trust through your will?
  • Are you hoping to solve future estate tax issues? Are there income or property tax concerns?
  • Do you need to receive some cash for the land? Are you open to receiving some compensation through tax benefits as with a bargain sale?

Lands considered for protection must meet our rigorous conservation criteria, which assures that all protected lands meet the mission of Nevada Land Trust.

Nevada Land Trust has created a Landowner Information Form to provide Land Trust staff with basic background information in preparation for an initial discussion. It will help us both understand how conservation of your lands can meet Nevada’s Land Trust mission, as well as the goals you have.

Learn more about Land Conservation Options here.

To discuss conservation of your lands, please contact Alicia Reban, Nevada Land Trust Executive Director, at  775-851-5180. Your initial queries will be held in strictest confidence.