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Nothing Plein about THIS air!

By Tracy Visher/ October 23, 2013 at 10:20 AM

After a brief hiatus to wrap up summer plans and regroup after the heat and smoke of the summer, the Art of Conservation participating artists are heading back out into the field for plein air painting and photography. This October the fall foliage colors are particularly stunning and the balmy days make the perfect setting in which to enjoy them. As was our practice leading up to this July’s benefit art show, NLT is once again leading artists onto various properties that they have had a hand in protecting or restoring.




On Sunday, an intrepid group of artists accompanied me on a visit to an amazing canyon site that runs on private property between Washoe and Pleasant Valleys. The Steamboat Creek flows through this canyon as it makes its way eventually to the Truckee River.

This area suffered indescribable damage during the Washoe Drive fire in January of 2012. What was once a verdant home to owls, deer and beaver, looked more like a Martian landscape after the flames subsided.

NLT’s restoration team has spent the past two years working to rehab approximately 800 acres, of which this canyon was a part. Using Truckee River Fund grant money, the creek received 600 linear feet of yellow willow wattles, 400 young willow plants and 200 willow stakes along its banks, in an effort to re-introduce vegetation whose roots would help filter the sediment as it made its way from the scorched banks into the water.

Artists enjoyed the recovering landscape, once again seeing the abundant wildlife and a variety of plants beginning to return to the canyon floor. Large black willows, thought to be mere skeletons, show new growth at their bases and the willow is becoming abundant once more.

We look forward to seeing the finished work the artists produce when we hold our second Art of Conservation show in October of 2014.

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