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“Learn to appreciate the outdoors!”

By Becky Stock / April 02, 2013 at 2:30 PM


Our twelfth Banff Mountain Film Festival event is a wrap!  The films have been shown, the prizes distributed, and our donors thanked.  All that’s left is reviewing the event to discuss how to improve next year’s show.  Thank you supporters for making the Banff Mountain Film Festival so fun and festive!

It was a real coup to hear from the traveling Banff representative Kristi Beetch how impressive our particular show is.  She verbalized to several Nevada Land Trust staff how she wished she could share what we develop with other Banff organizers.  In her words, “You folks create a true event!”

Often when we talk about Banff with friends and supporters our conversations turn to, “remember that film where…, can you believe they did that?  Or, who ever heard of a cat avalanche rescue ...” This year my favorite film was “Flow Hunters” and “Highway Wilding,” what was your favorite?  Write and tell us what moved you!

Photographer Mariusz Blach captured many Banff’s moments on film.  I encourage you to check out the photo gallery under the event section of our website. (It will be available soon!)

Now go out and create your own adventures!  Or to summarize in the words of Banff film star Earnst, “Learn to appreciate the outdoors!”




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