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By Alicia Reban/ February 21, 2014 at 8:30 PM 

I sat on the back porch last night to watch the latest installment of "Glorious Sunset over the Sierra Nevada."  There was no choice - it was as if my soul demanded that I stop and simply soak it in.  My friend (and NLT's) Roberta Moore was in town last week from Baker, and (in addition to conservation efforts at the gateway to Great Basin National Park) we talked of driving across Nevada.  There's something about the basin and range landscape unfolding before you - against that Nevada sky - combined with the time and space for reflection and dreaming and making decisions that seems like such a gift.  She said of her drive, "I felt such a comfort in the sky,"  and I knew exactly what she meant. 

We've had some great skies recently, as the region finally received a blast of much-needed moisture.  Last week, I was struck by the silhouettes of cottonwoods lit by the late afternoon sun - bright silver-white branches reaching toward the dark steel blue clouds to the east. Did you see that? It took my breath away - but I missed the chance for a photograph. Last night, I had my phone and was able to snap this shot of the show from my backyard. Things have been pretty intense lately, but last night, I, too, stopped to watch, and  "felt such a comfort in the sky." 

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