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Thank you for your interest in Nevada Land Trust, our state’s first and still only conservation land trust. If you care about Nevada’s wildlife, our land and precious water resources, and protecting our rich historic and cultural legacy, we invite you to learn more at
You might like to consider these three priorities in your giving plans; a modest gift of $1,000-10,000 can go a long way toward protecting the special places and open spaces of Nevada for future generations:


EXPLORATION FUND:  Feeling adventurous?  Want to help us respond to emergency projects? This is the fund that makes it possible to take on new land and water protection projects, from securing properties vital to mule deer and trout – to those important to the region’s hikers and bikers!  Early project funding is typically the hardest to find – you’ll help us say yes to conservation, do the early negotiating, and begin to line up the partners to get the projects done.  Call it seed funding or working capital: your dollars invested here help lead us to more - which means we can protect more land and water thanks to you!


THE ART OF CONSERVATION:  Love art AND conservation?  Nevada Land Trust’s mission focuses on future generations.  One of the ways we are reaching out to future generations is inviting children to participate in The Art of Conservation for Kids, which helps children 5-12 learn to see Nevada’s beauty through new eyes.  These future conservationists learn about plein air painting from some of the grown-up artists who are part of NLT’s Art of Conservation – a year-long process of taking artists out to Nevada Land Trust properties and project sites, culminating in a show at Rancho San Rafael in October.  Through these “paint-ins,” noted regional artists are helping us communicate the extraordinary beauty and importance of conserving these special places and open spaces in new ways.  Your investment in this program will help provide supplies for the children’s program, underwrite the October outreach event, and help us get these powerful images in front of new audiences to build support for conservation in Nevada. 


FOREST CAMPAIGN:   Do you naturally gravitate toward the trees, trails, and water of the Sierra Front and Lake Tahoe? Consider a gift to Nevada Land Trust’s new Forest Campaign.  We have six acquisition projects currently underway – each more amazing than the next.  One fronts the Tahoe Rim Trail, another includes six stream corridors along the Sierra Front.  From the third, you can look one way toward Carson Valley, and turn your head to take in the cerulean blue of Lake Tahoe.  Your gift to Nevada Land Trust’s new Forest Campaign will help us complete the assessments, submit funding nominations, and make final option payments to ensure that the trees, trails, and water that you love will be there for you always.  And if the wilds of the Great Basin desert are your “thing,” we work there too – see our website for details!


To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, call Tracy Turner at 775-333-5499 or go to