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Happy Trails

By Becky Stock / July 25, 2013 at 11:30 AM


Good-bye dear Nevada Land Trust staff, board, and supporters.  My husband and I are returning to Oregon where I will be working with the Deschutes Land Trust after 17 fun-filled years in Nevada.  I have grown to love and appreciate the Great Basin and the wonderful friends and co-workers I’ve made will be greatly missed.  We moved to Reno from Bend, Oregon and the transition was hard, but I learned not to say, “But this is how they do it in…”  Hopefully I’ve learned never to use that phrase again anywhere, because I’m sure it will start cropping up again against my will.

I’ve learned so much in Nevada – from how to pump my own gas to the greater appreciation of water, in all forms.  If I might have been frustrated missing programs I’d taken for granted before moving to Nevada I’ve learned to look at the greater opportunities for change this creates.  For example Nevada did not have a federal Forest Legacy or Farm & Ranch Land Protection Program until we ASKED to have our state included.   I’m still “asking” for that (recycling) bottle bill, but some requests take longer than others.

I will miss the Swan and Silver Lake playa systems just a few miles north of Reno filled with bird life of all kinds.  I will miss the Sierra and how it rises so abruptly from the meadows in Washoe Valley.  I will miss hearing red tail hawks cry from the cottonwoods by my work window, or watching coyotes springing on voles in the pasture.  My downtown Bend office just won’t have these luxuries.

Thank you all for sharing as much as you have, and I will always support the preservation and protection of special places and open spaces in Nevada for future generations.


Greater Hart Sheldon, photo USF&W

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Oh Becky! We'll miss you too! We can't wait to visit Bend and have you show off your home state!

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